On the rape of Israeli women by Hamas, Netanyahu said, “Why are international organizations silent?”

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu News: The war between Israel and Hamas started on October 7. In the midst of this war, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has questioned international human rights organizations over the ‘black deeds’ of Hamas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized international human rights organizations, women’s groups and the United Nations for remaining silent on rape and other atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli women. .

The Israeli Prime Minister posted on his official ‘X’ handle. “I say to women’s rights organizations, human rights organizations, ‘You’ve heard about Israeli women being raped, horrifically tortured, sexually harassed – where are you?'” she wrote. Netanyahu criticized international agencies for remaining silent on Hamas atrocities against Israeli women.

“Governments of the world speak on the atrocities on the Israeli people”

Netanyahu said that I expect all civilized leaders, governments, countries to raise their voice against this cruelty. He made the comments at a news conference in Tel Aviv with Defense Minister Yves Gallant and Minister Benny Gantz. Netanyahu said he met with the families of the freed hostages and those captured before them. Enemies and storms.

Know what the Israeli Defense Minister said?

According to the Times of Israel, Defense Minister Yves Gallant said that it was necessary to pressure Hamas before bringing the hostages home, so the IDF also launched ground strikes. “Ground operations require humanitarian support and provide minimal humanitarian support to enable military pressure,” Gallant said. As for fueling Gaza, Gallant says that, in return, Israel has the “right to demand” that Hamas honor its obligation to allow the Red Cross to visit the hostages or at least provide medicine. And take care of other needs.

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