Police arrested a TV actor for allegedly shooting and killing a man.

Bhupinder Singh- India TV Hindi.

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TV actor Bhupinder Singh killed a young man.

Every day some shocking news comes out from the world of entertainment. In such a case, recently such news has come out about a TV actor, hearing which you will not be shocked, but the ground will leave your feet. It is reported that a famous TV actor has shot and killed a person. The altercation is said to have started over a tree, due to which the actor shot the man dead. Currently, the police have also arrested the actor in this case. Know who is the actor who became a murderer?

This created controversy.

Actually the actor we are talking about is Bhupinder Singh who is accused of murdering a person. It is being told that Bhupinder Singh had reached Kuankheda in Badhapur police station area of ​​Bijnor from Mumbai on November 19. Here, a fight breaks out between Bhupendra and a villager, Gurudeep, over a tree in the field. Both said that the tree was theirs. In such a situation, the dispute escalated so much that a fight started between the two. After that, Bhupendra started firing indiscriminately. In such a case, 4 members of the same family were shot, out of which one died. According to reports, the police immediately reached the spot and arrested Bhupinder Singh. Two other people have been arrested along with them. On the other hand, the uncle of the deceased has also filed an FIR against Bhupinder and 4 other persons in the police.

Bhupinder Singh has acted in these shows.

Let you know that Bhupinder Singh acted in Hindi films Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kaam, Ek Haseena Thi in 1996 and Shyam Ghanshyam in 1998. After that, in 2008, he worked as an assistant in the Hindi film ‘Yuvraj’ and in 2010, he worked as an assistant in the Hindi film ‘Such Lo’. Apart from this, he played important roles in several popular TV shows like ‘Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’, ‘Kaala Teeka’, ‘Ek Haseena’ and ‘Karthik Purnima’. In such a situation, the news of the actor’s murder has disturbed everyone.

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TV Actor Bhupinder Singh (T) Bhupinder Singh Arrested After Shooting A Man To Death TV Hindi News Convicted.

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