The full battery of the laptop does not last even 1 hour, your mistakes can be the main reason

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Laptop battery life can be extended by following some simple steps.

How to Extend Laptop Battery Life: In the age of technology, the trend of desktop has become quite less. Be it office or home, laptops are used in most places. If you also work in such a way that you have to keep your laptop on for 8 to 9 hours then it is very important to take care of it. Battery drain problem is often seen in laptops after using it for a long time. It can be a big problem if the laptop battery dies while doing some important work. We are going to tell you some tips by which you can increase your laptop battery backup.

Most of the laptops provide good backup to the users when they are new but when it gets 2-3 years old then the users start facing battery drain problem. Many people think that the battery is draining faster due to a defect in the laptop but it is not the case. It’s not always the laptop’s fault, sometimes the battery drains quickly due to our mistakes. Let us introduce you to the ways by which battery life can be extended.

Adopt power saving mode.

Each laptop comes with a power saving mode to extend battery life. If your laptop battery is draining fast, go to power settings and turn on power setting mode. Along with this you can also know from here which part of the laptop is consuming more battery.

Keep the brightness low

A laptop screen consumes a lot of battery. Many people work with the screen brightness at full, which drains the battery faster. If you do, improve this habit now. You can set the screen brightness to 50 percent. This will greatly improve battery life.

Close background apps.

If you want to extend your laptop’s battery life, don’t run too many apps at the same time. Many people open 10-10 apps simultaneously which drains the battery quickly. If not necessary, open only the apps you need to work in.

Turn off the keyboard backlight

The keyboard backlight feature also uses up the battery faster. If you know that there is no light and you have to work only from the laptop battery, then you should turn off the keyboard backlight of your laptop. This will help you extend the battery life.

Please pay attention to the contact options.

There are many people who leave Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on while working on their laptop. This habit also consumes more battery. So, if you are running on battery power, make sure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi is not turned on.

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