Typhoon Michong weakens after devastation, impact still lingers.

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Many areas of Tamil Nadu were inundated due to Cyclone Michong.

New Delhi: Typhoon Michong has weakened after making landfall. The cyclone caused widespread destruction in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Despite being weak, rain alert has been issued in many states due to the impact of this storm. Heavy rain is likely over Odisha and East Telangana and Bengal. Due to the impact of this storm, rain may occur from Maharashtra to UP. Many parts of UP are likely to witness light rain at some places and heavy rain at other places. Clouds will remain in many districts.

The storm caused great destruction

The cyclonic storm crossed the coast of Andhra Pradesh near Bapatla and caused widespread destruction. The storm damaged 770 km of roads, uprooted 35 trees and killed three cattle. According to data shared by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), the effects of the cyclone affected around 4 million people in 194 villages and two towns, with 25 villages affected by floods. The storm did not cause any loss of life or property on Tuesday, but a four-year-old child died when a wall of a hut collapsed in Tirupati district on Monday, Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority Director BR Ambedkar said.

Rain in Chhattisgarh

Cyclonic storm Michong caused light rain in Durg, Bilaspur, Bastar and Raipur divisions of Chhattisgarh. The temperature has dropped due to unseasonal rain. Many parts of the state are also likely to receive light to moderate rain on Wednesday, while heavy rain and thundershowers are likely to occur at some places in the state with gusty winds. Officials said that the temperature is likely to drop across the state.

Relief work is underway in Chennai and surrounding areas.

Earlier this storm caused heavy rains in Chennai and nearby districts. Around 12 people died in rain-related incidents. The administration has formed several teams for relief work in the rain-affected areas of the city. Chennai Airport has also been opened for passengers after the rain stopped on Tuesday.

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