How India’s enemies are being killed in Pakistan and who has a hand in the attempt to kill Panna in America, listen to this shocking answer.

Arandam Bagchi, Spokesperson, Ministry of External Affairs.- India TV Hindi

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Arndam Bagchi.

From the killing of India’s enemies and dreaded terrorists by unknown gunmen in Pakistan to the attempted assassination of Khalistani leader Gurpatunt Singh in the US, what is the reason for the sudden rise in incidents? Is? From Pakistan to Canada, people are being singled out one after the other. Why are these unknown gunmen? Why Canada is suspicious of the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nanjar and the US is suspecting India of the attempted murder of Gurpatunat Singh Pannu. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arndam Bagchi has answered all these questions in series.

“Those who want to face justice for criminal and terrorist activities in India, we would like them to come to India and face our legal system, but I cannot comment on the developments in Pakistan,” Bagchi said. About the prosecution against SFJ chief Gurptunt Singh Pannu, Arndam Bagchi says, “He is wanted by our agencies for violating the law and there is a process whereby we seek help and depending on the circumstances. He is prosecuted.” Whether there is any crime, he said, details have been sought about what kind of crimes they are responsible for in India. Details have also been sought. Our Partners

Most Indian students die in Canada.

About the highest number of Indian students dying abroad in Canada, Arndam Bagchi says, “The number of Indian students in Canada is relatively high, but I would request that they be compared to the total number of Indian students in the country. To be seen.” , we have to see whether these are due to violence or car accidents. I don’t know if this is an issue that should be taken up with the government. While there are individual cases where there is an injustice, our consulates reach out to the families, we also take it up with the local authorities for legal action or other investigations.

Bagchi called for Pakistan’s rejection of India’s claim to PoK

On Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement in the Lok Sabha that ‘PoK is ours’ and Pakistan’s rejection of his comments, Arndam Bagchi says, “…I don’t think it is necessary to reiterate our stand on PoK.” I don’t need it.” Consider the Home Minister’s statement in Parliament. Our stand on PoK is very clear, we consider it a part of India and we certainly see no reason to change our statement. ,

Efforts are underway to postpone the execution of 8 soldiers in Qatar.

On the issue of execution of 8 sailors in Qatar, Bagchi said that the Indian ambassador has met him. Also, recently during the COP-28 in Dubai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the ruler of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on the sidelines of the summit. Two hearings have been held in this matter. We have filed an appeal on behalf of the family. We are following this case closely and providing all legal and consular assistance. Meanwhile, our ambassador got consular access to meet all 8 of them in prison on December 3rd. This is a sensitive issue, but we will continue to follow it and share whatever we can.” On the issue of the Afghan embassy, ​​MEA spokesperson Arndam Bagchi says, “New Delhi. And the Afghan Embassy in Mumbai and Consulate in Hyderabad are functioning.

On SFJ chief Pannu’s threat to attack Parliament, MEA spokesperson Arndam Bagchi says, “We take threats seriously. We are stuck here in a bind. I am trying to find these extremists.” Don’t want to build too much credibility who make threats and get them. Too much.

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