On January 22, all the temples in Maharashtra will have Deepootso, the tune of Ramnam will be heard.

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Diputsu will also be celebrated on January 22 in all the temples in Maharashtra.

Ramlala’s life will be sanctified on January 22 in Ayodhya, the holy birthplace of Lord Ram. Now as this day is approaching, the devotion of the people in the country is increasing. Every devotee is participating in this program with great enthusiasm to make the day of 22nd January historic and memorable. In this context, a major decision has been taken in Maharashtra, the land of saints. Accordingly, on January 22, Deepotsu will be organized in all the temples of Maharashtra. Chanting of Rama’s name will also be done along with it.

Who took this important decision?

The Maharashtra Temple Federation, one of the largest organizations associated with Hindu temples in Maharashtra, organized the Maharashtra Temple Trust in Pune. The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 650 temples and saints. During this time this important decision was made. Apart from this decision some other decisions were also made. Read these judgments here:

1. Ancestry code will be implemented in 264 temples of the state.

2. Religious education will be started in 12 temples of the state and religious books will be displayed in 10 temples.

Demands were also raised on these topics.

Several important topics were discussed in this meeting held in Pune. During the meeting, several demands were also raised by some saints. These demands are as follows:

1. All legendary and historical temples of Maharashtra should be renovated.

2) Sale of meat and liquor should be banned within 500 meters of important shrines and temples.

3) All temples in the state should be freed from the government and Hindu boards should be formed to run them.

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