On Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Janwar’, Congress MP Ranjit Ranjan Brahm said – ‘It has a bad effect on the society..’

Ranjit Ranjan raised questions on animals.: Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol’s film ‘Jaanoor’ is making waves at the box office as well as on social media these days. On the one hand, the fans of the actor never get tired of praising the film. On the other hand, there is a section that does not like the violence shown in the film at all and they are criticizing the film. One of them is Congress MP Ranjit Ranjan. who was seen raising the issue of the film in the Rajya Sabha.

Cinema is the mirror of society – Ranjit Ranjan

Ranjit Ranjan said in the Rajya Sabha, “Cinema is the mirror of society. We have grown up watching movies and cinema has a great influence on our lives. Especially on the lives of young people. These days some such films are coming, you start with ‘Kabir Singh’, you start with ‘Pushpa’ and now the picture of ‘Janwar’ is playing.

my daughter From the theaters Came out crying

Ranjit Ranjan was seen in the Rajya Sabha angry over the ‘animal’. He said, “My daughter is in the second year of college. She went to watch the movie with her friends but they all had to leave half of the movie and come back crying. The violence and injustice done to women in the movie is very disturbing.” Justifying is a matter of thought.

Crimes are committed under the influence of such films.

Ranjith Ranjan didn’t stop there, he added, “There are many instances where our 11th and 12th students have started taking the heroes portrayed in such pictures as role models. We often see events in the society that are inspired by movies.

of the film Gandasi Questions were also raised on the song.

Ranjit said that Punjab has an upper class history. But by showing the song ‘Gandasi Maari’ in the background of the movie, you are also hurting our faith. Also a boy kills people in hostels and buildings with weapons and no law punishes him. We are justifying it in the picture as well.

How Censor Board is promoting – Ranjith Ranjan

Ranjith Ranjan also questioned how the Censor Board is promoting such films. How are such movies going that are bad for our society? Such films should have no place in our society.

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