‘Parental consent should be mandatory in love marriage’, BJP MP demands in Parliament

BJP MP Dharmbir Singh.- India TV Hindi.

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BJP MP Dharmbir Singh.

There has been a debate going on for a long time regarding love marriage and live-in relationship in India. Many people say it is legally correct while others say it is against the culture of India. However, now in the parliament of the country, the discussion about love marriage and live-in relationship has started. Bharatiya Janata Party MP Chaudhary Dharmbir Singh on Tuesday demanded a law in the Lok Sabha to ban love marriages and live-in relationships. Let’s find out what this is all about.

Live in relationship is a disease – Dharamveer Singh

BJP MP Dharambir Singh said in the Lok Sabha that live-in relationship is a disease and the government should make a law to stop it. The MP has also demanded that parental consent be made mandatory in love marriages. MP Dharambir Singh said that if all this is not stopped and this trend continues, the civilization and culture we are known for will disappear one day.

What did Dharmbir Singh say?

BJP MP Dharambir Singh also argued in Parliament that love marriages have a high divorce rate, so parental consent should be made mandatory. He said that the world knows us for our civilization and culture, if this situation remains, the barriers of our culture will be broken and there will be no difference between them (the West) and us.

Know about Dharmbir Singh.

Chaudhary Dharambir Singh has won two Lok Sabha elections from Bhiwani-Mahandargarh Lok Sabha constituency in Haryana on a BJP ticket. Dharmbir Singh had defeated former Haryana Chief Minister Chaudhry Banslal from Tusham seat in 1987 on a Lok Dal Party ticket. After that he became MLA for the first time. However, his win brought him into limelight across Haryana. He later became an MLA from the Congress several times and won the Lok Sabha elections in 2014 on a BJP ticket. Dharmbir Singh is mostly seen in saffron colored clothes.

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BJP MP Dharmbir Singh

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