This contestant again led to a fight between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss 17 is getting interesting with each passing day. The makers are also bringing several twists to the show. Recently, Bigg Boss shocked the housemates and took away their hearts, minds and tails. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss played another game and in the latest episode allowed Vicky Jain to nominate Ankita to replace Neil in the Dil room for the entire season. Bigg Boss then revealed Vicky’s secret to the housemates. Ankita and Vicky had a big fight after that.

Vicky Jain nominated this contestant instead of Ankita.
Let us tell you that Vicky Jain in the therapy room was given the option to nominate Ankita Lokhande for the entire season and shift to Dil’s room instead of withdrawing Neil Bhatt’s nomination. Although Vicky did not accept the proposal but requested the house to replace Ankita’s name with someone else. Bigg Boss then asked her her choice and Vicky chose Anurag Doval.

Explaining the reason for naming Anurag Doval, Vicky said that last week she regrets that she took Anurag’s punishment and gave it to Neil. He said that he realizes his mistake and feels guilty. For this reason, they want to withdraw Neil’s nomination and replace him with Anurag Doval for the entire season. Ankita asks Vicky about this, after which the two have a huge fight in front of the big camera.

Great fight between Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain
Ankita Lokhande tries to understand Vicky and asks her if she suggested Anurag’s name herself or Bigg Boss suggested it to her. The other contestants also enjoyed it and teased Anurag for trusting Vicky Bhaiya. Angered by these allegations, Vicky became very angry with his wife Ankita over the matter and refused to talk to her.

Vicky said, “What’s the question, I don’t want to tell anything. I can’t tell everything. I had feelings in my heart, so I said, that’s it.” On this Ankita says, are you also using me like a game? Ankita further says I will fight everything for you. To this Vicky says don’t fight for me, I didn’t say that. After that, there is a lot of discussion between the two.

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Ankita Lokhande

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