Trouble in Mahawati in the name of Nawab Malik? Devendra Fadnavis wrote a letter to Ajit Pawar

Devendra Fadnavis, Ajit Pawar, Nawab Malik- India TV Hindi.

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Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar.

Nagpur: There are chances of differences over NCP leader Nawab Malik’s possible entry into Maharashtra’s ruling alliance Mahawati. Nawab Malik was seen sitting among the MLAs of the ruling alliance at the winter session of the Assembly today, after which the state Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis wrote a letter to the other Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. In the letter, Fadnavis has written that power comes and goes but the country is important. He also said in the letter that he has no ‘enmity’ with Nawab Malik.

Devendra Fadnavis expressed his objection by writing a letter.

Fadwais also wrote a letter to Ajit Pawar expressing displeasure at the question of Nawab Malik’s inclusion in the Grand Alliance. Devendra Fadnavis wrote in the letter, ‘Today former minister and assembly member Nawab Malik participated in the work of the assembly, it is his right. I want to make it clear from the beginning that we have no malice or animosity towards them. But in view of the kind of allegations leveled against him, it would not be appropriate to include Nawab Malik in the Grand Alliance, this is our opinion. Nawab Malik is currently on bail on health grounds. The charges against them have not been proven yet, so you can welcome them. But since such accusations have been made, it would not be appropriate to include them in the Grand Alliance, that is my clear opinion.

Ajit Pawar did not give a clear answer.

Fadnavis further wrote in the letter, ‘It is your right to choose who you want in the party, we accept it. But all the participating parties should think that no one’s personality should stand in the way of great unity. We cannot agree with the views of the then Chief Minister and Mahwakas Aghadi who retained Nawab Malik as Minister despite his arrest for treason. Hope you will consider our feelings. Also, not giving a direct answer to the question ‘to which group does Nawab Malik belong’, Ajit Pawar said that the Speaker of the Assembly has the right to decide who will sit where. He said that Nawab Malik himself will decide whom he wants to support.

Malik was sitting with the ruling MLA.

Today Nawab Malik was sitting on the back seat with the ruling MLA. If sources are to be believed, Nawab Malik is not saying anything clearly on his part, but his sitting with the ruling MLA makes it clear that he has given undisclosed support to the Ajit Pawar group. Let me tell you that a case of money laundering in a land ‘Gwala Compound’ in Kurla and links with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim was brought against Nawab Malik and in this connection he was also arrested by ED. After spending more than a year in jail, the court granted him bail on medical grounds.

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