What to eat during pregnancy if you have gestational diabetes, ways to lower blood sugar

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Diabetes in pregnancy: Women eat a lot during pregnancy. She starts eating whatever she wants and whenever she wants. Earlier it was said that it was the brain of the child, so people used to feed the pregnant woman with her favorite things. Eating too much food or too many sweets during pregnancy can cause diabetes in women. Many women experience elevated blood sugar levels during pregnancy. This is called gestational diabetes. High blood sugar levels in a pregnant woman can cause problems during the baby’s growth and delivery. However, this diabetes goes away after the baby is born. But controlling blood sugar becomes very important during pregnancy. Learn how to control gestational diabetes.

  1. Eat a lot of salad- To control blood sugar, salad should be consumed more in the diet. Eating salad reduces the level of glucose in the body. If you have diabetes, add cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and carrots to your diet. This will keep the glycemic index low and diabetes under control.
  2. eat eggs- Women should take a healthy diet during pregnancy. Make sure to include eggs in your diet. Eating eggs daily can also control blood sugar levels. Eating eggs provides the body with essential proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Eating eggs can also control blood sugar levels.
  3. Benefits of eating almonds Diabetic patients must eat almonds. It can control the blood sugar level. Eating soaked almonds daily improves the mental development of the baby in the womb. You can also eat almonds as a snack. It also fills the stomach and quenches the appetite.
  4. eat the seeds- Seeds should be consumed during pregnancy. Eating seeds daily provides fiber to the body. It can control the rise in blood sugar during pregnancy. Eating seeds can also cure digestive problems. Eating chia seeds is considered beneficial in diabetes. This keeps the stomach full for longer and the body gets all the nutrients.
  5. Use yogurt- Make sure to include yogurt in your pregnancy diet. Yogurt contains probiotics that keep the stomach and intestines healthy. Yogurt can be easily consumed even in diabetes. It improves diabetes significantly. Eating yogurt provides vitamin C and protein to the body. Yogurt strengthens immunity.

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