A family from Andhra Pradesh was hanged together at Dharamshala in Banaras.

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After the mass suicide in the Andhra Ashram, policemen arrived

Varanasi: A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is said that in Dashaswamedh, the most famous police station area of ​​Kashi, four members of a family who came to Banaras from Andhra Pradesh committed mass suicide by hanging themselves in a room in Dharamshala. As soon as the local police got the information, the police along with the forensic team reached the spot. Everyone was shocked when the police broke the door and entered. Not one but four bodies were hanging in different parts of the room.

A checkout receipt was also created.

Although the families of the pilgrims on the religious pilgrimage to Kashi stay at the Andhra Ashram in Varanasi’s Devanathpura area, ashram trustee VV Sundaran Shastri told the police that our ashram welcomes the group of pilgrims. . Visit Kashi, for which accommodation and meals are provided in various ashram units. Yes. Rajesh came to Kashi with his parents and a brother on December 3. When they expressed their desire to stay here, they were provided accommodation in the 30-room Kashi Kailash Bhavan run by the organization.

All were staying in one room. By yesterday evening, he made the check-out receipt and kept it with him. This morning when the cleaning staff was cleaning the rooms, he reached this room. But when the door did not open even after knocking, I looked into the room from the window and saw a dead body hanging from the ceiling of the room. The employee then told him and he immediately informed Circle ACP Odhish Pandey over phone.

What is written in the suicide note?

When the force including ACP Dashaswamedh Udhish Pandey and Dashaswamedh Police Station Incharge Bidyanath Singh reached Kashi Kailash Bhawan in Devanathpura area of ​​Banaras, the mass suicide was also reported to the senior officers, after which ADCP, DCP Reached Kashi zone. the location. Gone. Soon after this, CP Matha Ashok Jain himself along with ACP Law and Order reached the spot and when the room was searched in front of the officers, a suicide note was recovered. According to sources, the family from East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh was very worried about the transaction of money in the suicide note. This is the reason why this family is forced to leave their city and wander in different cities since 2 months ago.

After reaching Tamil Nadu, Haridwar, Calcutta and then Banaras, the family met their son on December 3. Took a room in Ramesh’s name and was staying in Kashi Kailash Bhavan of Andhra Ashram. These people were to return from Kashi on December 4. But the four people committed suicide by hanging collectively in the night. The dead include Jairaj (23 years), Lavanya (45 years), Konda Varpiya (50 years), Rajesh (25 years).

Yes, Ramesh was under pressure from his boss.

Sources in the matter also said that the family’s son Ramesh was working in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. Ramesh borrowed some money from his boss. His boss was constantly pressuring him regarding the transaction of this amount and in this regard he also got a blank paper signed by G. Ramesh. According to sources, Ramesh had returned the money to his employer but he continued to threaten him based on the signed blank paper. That is why the whole family was troubled by the sting and eventually committed suicide.

A case will be registered based on the evidence.

On this issue, Varanasi CP Mutha Ashok Jain said that after receiving the information about the incident, the bodies have been taken into custody and sent for post-mortem. The case is related to money transactions and a suicide note has been recovered from the spot. Now, with the help of the forensic team, other evidence will be collected in this case. Also, since the incident took place in Varanasi, a case will be registered based on the evidence and the Andhra Police will be contacted once the situation is clear after the post-mortem report.

(Reporting by Ashwini Tripathi)

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