Onion won’t make you cry due to inflation, Modi government has taken this big step to deal with the increased price.

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Onion cultivation in the country The Modi government has taken major steps to control prices. The government has imposed a ban on onion exports till March next year to increase domestic availability and contain prices. The notification issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said that the export policy of onion has been changed from free to restricted category till March 31, 2024. Let us tell you that the price of onion in the local market has reached 60 to 65 rupees per kg. In view of this, this step will help in reducing the price and people will not have to cry onion tears.

Increase in plate price

The price of general veg and non-vegetarian thali has increased on a month-on-month basis in November due to the rise in onion and tomato prices. Crucial MI&A Research has said in its report that onion and tomato prices have increased by 58% and 35% on month-on-month basis. Onion and tomato prices increased due to reduced production in the kharif season due to festival demand and erratic rains. According to the report, prices of home-made vegetarian and non-vegetarian bags increased by 10 percent and five percent respectively in November on a month-on-month basis. On a month-on-month basis, chicken prices declined marginally by one to three percent.

A huge 93% increase in onion prices

The cost of chicken contributes 50% to the cost of a non-vegetarian thali. The price of the vegetarian thali has increased by nine percent year-on-year due to a 93 percent and 15 percent increase in onion and tomato prices respectively. The prices of pulses increased by 21% on a year-on-year basis. They contribute nine percent to the cost of a bag of vegetables. The average cost of home cooked food is calculated based on raw material prices in North, South, East and West India.

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