Political conflict in Maharashtra regarding Nawab Malik! Fadnavis wrote a letter to Ajit Pawar expressing his objection, saying – This is not right.

Maharashtra politics has intensified over NCP MLA and former state minister Nawab Malik. Nawab Malik participated in the assembly proceedings today on the occasion of winter session. At that time there was a great discussion in the hall about where they would sit. But eventually he decided to sit on the ruling bench. That is, Nawab Malik stayed with Ajit Pawar’s faction, which is included in the Maharashtra government. Now Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has written a letter to Ajit Pawar in this regard.

Devendra Fadnavis wrote a letter to NCP leader Ajit Pawar asking him not to include NCP leader Nawab Malik in the ‘Mahawati’ (grand alliance). Devendra Fadnavis posted his letter on Twitter and Facebook and wrote that power comes and goes. But country is more important than power. In a letter to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, Fadnavis said, “Former Minister and Member of Assembly Nawab Malik visited the Legislative Complex today and participated in the proceedings. He also has this right as a member of the Legislative Assembly. Let me make it clear from the outset that we have no personal enmity or grievance against them. But considering the manner in which they have been accused, we believe that it would not be appropriate to include them in the Grand Alliance.

The BJP leader clearly said that power comes and goes. But country is more important than power. He is currently out on bail only on medical grounds. If the charges against them are not proved, we should welcome them. However, we are of the clear opinion that when such allegations are made, it is not right to make them part of the Grand Alliance. Of course, it is completely our right to decide who we want to join our party. However, each party has to think that it will not be a hindrance to the Grand Alliance, so we are against it.

Devendra Fadnavis further wrote, “Even if he is arrested for being a traitor, we cannot agree with the views of the then Chief Minister and the Maha Vikas Aghadi government, who made him a minister. I hope you will consider our feelings.”

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