The rapist threw acid on the minor girl, then drank it himself.

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Acid attack in Delhi’s Anand Parut police station area

A man threw acid on a minor girl and then drank the acid himself, resulting in her death, in the Anand Parut area of ​​the national capital on Thursday. A 54-year-old man, who is facing rape charges, threw acid on the 17-year-old girl as she stood outside his house, police said. “On Thursday, we received a report of an acid attack at Anand Perot police station,” police said. By the time the police arrived, the minor girl and accused Prem Singh had been taken to the hospital, a senior police officer said.

There was pressure to withdraw the rape case.

According to the police officer, “The minor who was burnt in the acid attack told the police that her mother had registered a case of rape against Prem Singh. There was a wedding ceremony at the accused’s house and she had to attend it.” Bail was granted but at around 7:30 am on Thursday, accused Prem Singh threatened the girl that her mother would withdraw the rape case, but when the girl did so, when she refused to do so, the accused threw acid on her and drank the acid herself. After which she died during treatment. Police say that the girl suffered minor burns in the acid attack but has now been discharged from the hospital.

According to Delhi Police, a case of rape of a minor girl is going on against Prem Singh. He was in jail in the case and came out on interim bail on November 29 to attend a wedding at his home.

Strict guidelines on selling acid online

Just a few days ago, the consumer protection regulator CCPA has directed online retailers to immediately take appropriate measures to stop the sale of acid on their platforms. The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), headed by Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare, also warned consumers not to buy acid on e-commerce platforms without following the mandatory requirements. The CCPA said that allowing such purchase of acid on e-commerce platforms is a clear violation of the Supreme Court’s directives and the Home Ministry’s advice.

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