‘Will shake the foundations of Parliament…’, says India on threat of Khalistani terrorist pins – For more media coverage…

Delhi Police is on high alert after US-based Khalistani terrorist group Tunat Singh Panu threatened to attack the Parliament House. According to media reports, Khalistani terrorist group Tunat Singh Panu has released a new video, in which he says that on or before December 13, the anniversary of the 2001 attack, he will “shake the foundation of Parliament”. In this regard, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arndam Bagchi, said that we take the threats seriously. We’re stuck in a bind here, I don’t want to stretch too much credibility looking for extremists who make threats and get a lot of coverage.

Along with this, Bagchi said that we have raised this matter with the American and Canadian authorities. Extremists and terrorists want media coverage of an issue. On the threat to Air India, he said that we will condemn any such threat and our security agencies will take appropriate action. Regarding the prosecution of the Pins, he said, “Our agencies are required to violate the law and there is a mechanism by which we seek help and prosecute them, depending on what they do.” What is a crime or not?

“In our case, I understand that the detail requested is what kind of crimes he is responsible for in India…we have crimes committed by extremists or terrorists against India or Indian diplomats. have also sought details of,” said the MEA spokesperson, expressing concern to its partners about any threat. Panon released a video showing a poster showing him with Afzal Guru, the terrorist who attacked the Indian Parliament and was hanged in 2013. The poster also read, “Delhi Bangya Khalistan”. Pannu said that the conspiracy of Indian agencies to kill him has failed.

Khalistani Terrorist Group Towant Singh Pins

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