30% reduction in placements in IITs, not getting good job offers, companies kept distance

Slow down in IIT placements: Jobs in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have decreased. Different companies came to IIT this year. But, job offers from them have decreased by 30%. Old IITs Delhi, Bombay, Kanpur, Madras, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Guwahati and Varanasi (BHU) are worried about this shocking trend. A week has passed since the final placement for this year started. But, there are worry lines on the students’ foreheads. Despite ample preparation, according to placement team members, job offers have dropped by 15 to 30 percent compared to last year.

Jobs are also not available in courses like computer science.

Surprisingly, jobs in courses like computer science are also decreasing. Even after a week, many students do not have jobs in hand. For the last few years, Computer Science students have been getting the first jobs. All these students got jobs in just three to four days.

IIT decides the placement trend.

Older IITs are surprised by this trend as every year these institutes set placement standards for the entire country. Every year lakhs of students struggle hard to get admission in these prestigious institutes so that they can get good jobs and better life.

The effects of the tech recession are visible.

Last year, during placements itself, the tech recession began to appear. This year it has increased further. Recruiters are hiring fewer kids. Apart from this, many big companies have not yet come forward for placement. Companies are not very enthusiastic about recruitment.

Very few students are getting jobs.

IIT students say that where last year companies were giving jobs to 8 to 10 kids, now they are giving jobs to only 1 to 2 students. The final placement session in IITs started from 1st December. Placement cells are now trying to reach out to more companies. So far IIT Kharagpur has received only 1181 offers and IIT BHU has received only 850 offers.

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