Fierce fight between criminals and villagers in Mexico, 11 dead

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In Mexico, criminals attacked a rural area where they clashed. The attack is said to have targeted a small farming community in central Mexico. Gunmen belonging to a criminal gang launched a surprise attack on the villagers on Friday. 11 people died in this fierce fight between the villagers and the criminals. Several other people were injured. All the injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital. Police are busy investigating the incident. Information about the attackers is being gathered.

In the video available on social media, it can be seen that the villagers are seen chasing the gang members with rifles while gunshots are heard. Criminals are also firing on villagers. He is also seen running. This was because the villagers united in large numbers. In such a situation, the criminals had to run away. Mexican police said the collision took place in the village of Texcaltatlan, about 130 kilometers southwest of the capital, Mexico City.

8 criminals lost their lives in the encounter.

Mexican police said eight of the 11 dead were members of criminal gangs, while three were residents of the village. Police have not identified the group, but Familia Michocana, a violent drug-trafficking gang, has been active in the region for more than a decade. (AP)

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Fierce conflict in Mexico

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