Investors are betting heavily on mutual funds, hitting a new record in November. This category became a favorite.

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Image: File SIP created a new record in mutual fund

Over the past few years, investors have been showing positive inclination towards mutual funds. This has led to a huge increase in SIPs in mutual funds and has set a new record in November. November saw an SIP of Rs 17,073 crore, according to AMFI data. This is the first time that SIP has crossed the Rs 17,000 crore mark. However, the net inflow in November was Rs 15,536 crore as against Rs 19,957 crore in October.

Return to Debt Mutual Funds

Debt mutual funds saw net outflows of Rs 4,706.70 crore in November. In contrast, October saw an inflow of Rs 42,633.70 crore.

Small and mid-cap categories became favourites.

According to AMFI data, the small and mid-cap categories are still investors’ favourites. In November, the small-cap category saw net inflows of Rs 3,699.24 crore and the mid-cap category Rs 2,665.70 crore.

We tell you, since the beginning of this year, small cap funds have seen a net inflow of Rs 37,178 crore. Mid-cap funds saw a net inflow of Rs 21,520 crore. However, there has been a net outflow of Rs 2,687 crore from large-cap funds during the period. It was Rs 307 crore in the month of November.

Advantages of SIP

Experts say that if SIP is done in mutual funds with a long-term perspective, investors can get positive results. The total AUN of mutual funds in November 2023 was Rs 49.04 lakh crore.

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