The mother overheard the girl talking to her boyfriend, then watch the video for yourself.

Girl's mother is beating her.- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
The mother is hitting the girl.

Pyaar Kya Hai Koi Chori Nahi, Pyaar Kya Hai Koi Chori Nahi, Pyaar Pyaar Ke Nahi Se Himat Nahi, To Keep Love Alive There are many songs made in Bollywood that give people a love hangover. But these songs become futile when parents know your love. It takes no time for them to get the ghost of love out of your head. One such video is going viral on social media, in which a mother is seen exorcising the ghost of love from her daughter. After watching the video, people are not able to stop laughing and are commenting on the video.

The girl caught the boy talking on the phone.

In the video, it can be seen that a girl was secretly talking to her boyfriend. Then her mother hears all her talk and suddenly comes to her daughter. The girl’s mother asks her who is this Babu? Who is she saying I love you babu? The girl remains silent on her mother’s words and does not say anything. On this the girl’s mother starts scolding him and says that he does not want to eat and he has to be a Babu. The girl’s mother feels that she is being beaten and the girl starts crying. After that her mother says I am taking your phone and will show it to your father. At the same time, the girl starts snatching the phone from her mother’s hand. Then after seeing the beating of the mother, you will also feel sorry for the girl.

After watching the video, people made funny comments.

This video has been shared on the social media platform by a user named Saurabh Mishra. After watching the video, people are leaving serious comments. A user jokingly wrote – I am happy with Didi. Another wrote – It happens to everyone. A third said his mother was good and was beating him slowly. If it was my mother, she would beat me, not give me food and immediately marry me and throw me out of the house. Responding to this comment, another user wrote – You are absolutely right, it happens in most homes.

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