The world’s largest business hub has been embroiled in controversy even before PM Modi inaugurated it

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Surat Diamond Bourse is the largest business center in the world.

The Surat Diamond Bourse has been mired in controversy even before it started. It is reported that the organizers of Hera Boras have not paid Rs 538 crore for the construction. In this case, the Surat District Court has now ordered the organizers of the Hera Bourse to deposit a bank guarantee of Rs 100 crore. In fact, PSP Ltd., the world’s largest office building developer, ran into controversy after Hera Boris fans failed to make construction payments. Not only this, the company has sought justice from the court for not paying the amount even after the completion of the work, the next hearing will be held on December 16. Let you know that PM Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate Surat Diamond Bourse on 17th December.

The total claim including interest is Rs 631 crore.

The Company has placed this information regarding the Diamond Bourse case on its website for the information of shareholders. PSI Limited Company has claimed a total of Rs 631 crore including interest on Hera Borse of Rs 538 crore till the date of filing the suit. It is also under discussion that Hera Borse initially sold the office at a price of 5000 sq.ft. Later he raised the price by holding a total of 6 auctions and made a huge profit by selling another office at a higher price of Rs 35,000 per sq ft. It has also been alleged that the PSC company which manufactured Hera Bors and made Hera Bors famous in the country and the world, was not paid. The company then had to approach the court.

“Never a late payment”

Responding to the issue through a video message, Surat Diamond Bourse Construction Committee Convener Lalji Patel said that the construction of Diamond Bourse was given to PSC Company. The construction started only as per the terms and conditions and as soon as the certified construction bills were received, the amount was paid on time. Never had a late payment. Advance payment has also been made on the request of PAC Company if required. During the corona period, they requested that more charges be given, but during the corona period, all the workers were given food packets, grains and water by Diamond Borse. We never agreed to the company’s demand for additional charges, their demand is totally wrong.

“98% of the amount has been paid”

Patel said that not even a single rupee is legally payable. 98% of the amount has been paid towards their legally obtained certificate bill. There is some work left, 2% of it will be paid by Hera Borus after confirmation. Now if the PSC company has filed a complaint in the court, then our legal team will answer it.

(Reporting by Shailesh Champanaria)

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