At that time, the price of a liter of petrol in the country was so much, the bill is going viral on social media.

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Today, the inflation in the country has increased so much that the prices of everything are touching the sky. Things used to be cheap until a few years ago, but now the prices of everything have gone up so much that people remember the prices and say that there was a time when these things were available for Rs. Recently, one such case is going viral on social media in which a picture of a 1963 petrol pump bill is being seen. The bill shows how low the price of gasoline was in 1963. After looking at this bill, you would think that if petrol was sold at this price today, we would be able to travel around the world with that amount.

The price of one liter of petrol has become so much.

The price of 5 liters of petrol is written in the petrol pump bill which is going viral. 60 years ago, 5 liters of petrol cost only 3 rupees 60 paise. At that time, a cash memo was given to the customer after filling the petrol. On this CAS memo, the price of 5 liters of petrol is written at 3 rupees 60 paise. That is, the price of one liter of petrol was only 72 paise.

As soon as the bill came out, there was a flood of comments on social media.

The image of this bill was shared on social media platform X by a user named @ZahidSHussain1. As soon as the picture of the bill comes, people start comparing the price of petrol today and then. A user commented, “How many petrol vehicles were there in the country at that time?” Another wrote – now the price of a liter of petrol is increasing daily.

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