From halwa to pakoras, eat yams in winter in these 3 ways.

Sweet Potato Recipe - India TV Hindi

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Sweet Potato Recipe

Winter recipe: You will find sweet potatoes in abundance in this season. The whole market is full of it and some people like to eat a lot of it. But, some people don’t like its taste. Considering the weather and health, everyone should consume this hot food in this season. So today we will try some recipes which are made from sweet potato but it tastes completely different and delicious. So let’s know how to eat yam in winter.

Eat Sweet Potatoes In These 3 Ways In Winter – Sweet Potato Recipe In Hindi

1. Sweet Potato Pudding

You can make sweet potato pudding in many ways. But, the easiest way is to boil it, mash it and fry it in desi ghee. When it turns brown while frying, add milk to it. Now let it cook well and add dry fruits to it and cook it. After a while add some sugar and cook it well. Turn off the gas and serve.

Sweet potato halwa

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Sweet potato halwa

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2. Sweet potato pudding

Sweet potato pudding is very tasty. You can make it very quickly. All you have to do is boil the yams and then cook them in milk. After cooking, add a little milk and saffron to it. Add dry fruits and cardamom powder and cook. Add sugar and cook. After that, when it is completely mixed, eat it.

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3. Sweet Potato Fritters

Have you ever eaten sweet potato fritters? If not, you should definitely try it. For this, boil and mash yams and then add some onions, green chillies, coriander and other spices. Add salt and mustard oil. Now add gram flour and mix everything again, make tikkis and fry in oil. So, you can try these 3 sweet potato recipes.

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