GQG’s investment value exceeds $10 billion, with several stocks including Adani in the portfolio

GQG Partners Investments: In March 2023, in March 2023, Rajeev Jain of GQG Partners helped wash away the tarnish on the group’s image by buying the Adani Group’s stock following the Hindenburg Research Report of Gautham Adani’s Adani Group stock. Before this, few people would have heard of GQG Partners and Rajiv Jain. But after investing in Adani Group stocks, GQG also invested in stocks of other Indian companies. And now the situation is such that the investment value of GQG partners in India has doubled in few months.

The value of the investment doubled.

According to a Bloomberg report, the value of investments in India by GQG’s six funds has increased from $4.4 billion to $9.9 billion. Bloomberg compiled the data through information on the Florida-based investor’s website and regulatory filings. GQG invested about $4 billion in stocks across the infrastructure, consumer goods and energy sectors. And investment in India has performed best in the emerging world.

GQG’s portfolio

Bloomberg calculated this based on the closing price of the previous trading session and investments made by GQG in Indian stocks through four mutual funds and two other funds. However, data on the entire investment of GQG in India is not available. He has other funds whose portfolio is not available. In March 2023, GQG Partners bought $1.9 billion worth of Adani stock, making it worth $7 billion.

GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund bought stocks of JSW Energy Limited, Patanjali Foods, Macrotech Developers, Max Healthcare, IDFC First Bank between April and September this year. Apart from this, the fund has also invested in shares of ITC and SBI. Now GQG has also invested in the stock of GMR Airports.

Who is Rajeev Jain?

Rajeev Jain is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of GQG Partners and sets GQG’s investment strategy. He has been the Chief Investment Officer and Head of Equities at Wintab Asset Management. He started in 1994 as a portfolio manager. In just seven years, Rajeev Jain has turned GQG into a $92 billion investment powerhouse. Hardly any startup has raised funds as quickly as Kamal Rajeev Jain has in such a short span of time. For the last five years, he had his eye on Adani Group stocks. Born in India, Rajeev Jain went to the US in 1990 to do his MBA from the University of Miami in the US. In 1994, he joined Vintoble. In 2002, he became the chief investment manager of this Swiss company. In March 2016, he launched GQG.

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