Deputy CM Chautala made a big announcement regarding the construction of roads, said- Villages are being developed like cities.

Deputy CM makes big announcement regarding road construction - India TV Hindi

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The Deputy CM made a big announcement regarding the construction of roads

Bhiwani: Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushant Chautala said on Tuesday that the current state government is strengthening the road network. 3,700 crore will be spent on road construction next year. Let it be known that Chautala was addressing the Gram Sabha while visiting different villages of Bhiwani district on Tuesday. Meanwhile, he said that Rs 57 crore will be spent on the construction of Siwani to Singhani village and Luhani-Obra Bahl road in the district. The Deputy Chief Minister claimed that the villages of the state were being developed on the lines of cities and farmers were getting full price for their produce. Chautala added that the state government is procuring 14 crops at minimum support price (MSP). He said that the government has taken responsibility to address the concerns of the farmers so they (farmers) need not worry.

Central and state governments are working together.

Haryana Urban Local Bodies Minister Kamal Gupta said that the central and state governments have put in place a mechanism to ensure that the benefits of schemes and programs reach the homes of the underprivileged. Gupta said at the ‘Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra Jan Samwad’ program held at Agraha in Haryana on Monday that both the Central and Haryana governments have devised a mechanism to ensure that the benefits of the schemes and programs reach the doorsteps of the underprivileged. reach to

The welfare of the underprivileged is the top priority of the government.

Also, while addressing the program as chief guest, Hisar MLA said that the main objective of Vikas Bharat Sankalp Yatra is to bring benefits of central and state government schemes to all eligible beneficiaries. “In cases where citizens have not received benefits due to various reasons, they are encouraged to fill the necessary forms on the spot to ensure that they get the expected benefits,” an official statement said. ” Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s joint commitment was highlighted. And Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for ensuring the benefit of government schemes to the deserving people at no cost. Gupta asserted that the welfare of the people, especially the marginalized, was the government’s top priority.

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