After retail inflation, wholesale inflation also increased, which was the highest in eight months in November.

After retail inflation, now wholesale inflation has also seen an increase. According to official data released on Thursday, the rate of wholesale inflation stood at 0.26 percent in November, which is the highest level in the last 8 months. Earlier, the wholesale inflation rate remained below zero for 7 consecutive months.

Above zero after seven months

According to government data released on Thursday, wholesale inflation rose above zero in November for the first time in eight months. A month before that, in October 2023, the rate of wholesale inflation was negative 0.52 percent. Since April 2023, the rate of wholesale inflation in the country has been continuously going below zero. The situation of decline for seven consecutive months has now been removed.

Retail inflation exceeded 5 percent.

A day before this, retail inflation i.e. CPI-based inflation data was released. An increase in retail inflation has also been recorded in the month of November. Retail inflation eased to 4.87 percent in October, rising to 5.5 percent in November. Retail inflation in November was the highest in the last 3 months.

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