It will take some more time to root out terrorism in Kashmir: DGP Swain

Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) R. Swain said on Saturday that it will take some more time to root out terrorism in the Valley. He said that along with achieving the objective of curbing the spread of terrorism, the police will also completely prevent infiltration, completely prevent cases of youth joining terrorism and smuggling of arms and ammunition. Continuous work is being done to control the incidents. In an interview exclusively given to PTI’s video service, Swain also said that the number of homegrown terrorists has come down significantly this year. He said that the number of homegrown terrorists was recorded less than 20 this year, while the number was 100 in 2022. However, he acknowledged that foreign terrorists still remain a threat.

Last year by this time the number was 100, if I remember correctly, this year the number is less than 20, he said. There are foreign terrorists here too, no doubt. But the number of local terrorists has decreased. He said that we do not want to publicize the number of foreign terrorists but it is definitely a challenge for us. The DGP said that the police was working towards a system that would help minimize the number of terror-related incidents. We will work to completely prevent infiltration and crack down on cases of involvement in terrorism, he said. We will also work to completely stop the smuggling of arms and ammunition.

The narcotics department will also deal strictly. The financing of terrorism will be completely curbed and most importantly, the promotion of terrorism and the ideologies that support it will also be severely dealt with. On what the police are doing to thwart terror attacks, the DGP said the progress should be seen in the reduction in the total number of cases. “You cannot see progress in terms of number of incidents but you should see it in terms of reduction in total cases,” he said. “We have a plan and I think the plan is on,” the official said. He said that the government is planning to destroy and weaken the ecosystem of terrorism at the highest level.

This mechanism includes all those who bring youths to the path of terrorism, supply them with arms and ammunition, assist in infiltration, provide financial support and help identify targets. All of these things are part of the terrorism ecosystem, Swain said. So we are working continuously. People are being identified. When asked if Pakistan sends terrorists to the valley before the roads are closed due to snowfall, Swain said the neighboring country has always tried to send terrorists. “We all know this very well now,” asserted the DGP. There is no sign that they will stop it. But there is no stopping us now. We are fighting hard and continuing in a very intelligent, scientific and clear and systematic way. He said that plans are underway to break the link between terrorism and corruption.

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