Office goers suffering from Bernaud syndrome, learn the remedy from Swami Ramdev.

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Burnout syndrome

Today’s office goers suffer from burnout syndrome. A person suffering from this syndrome feels very tired both mentally and physically. This disease is seen more in working professionals. According to a recent study, India has more cases of burnout syndrome than any other country in the world. The main reason for this is competition, inability to handle work pressure, differences with colleagues, feeling weak in challenges. More than 59% of people in India are struggling with this problem. For whom the next few months may be very difficult. Because now winter has started. It is snowing in the mountains and light rain and then a cold wave is expected in the plains. Obviously, if the cold increases, it will also affect the blood circulation. In such a situation, people will refrain from exercising, which can cause diseases to enter the body.

If timely precautions are not taken, increased blood pressure in the veins due to work pressure, stress and low physical activity can lead to high blood pressure. It also increases the risk of brain haemorrhage. If you want to protect yourself from an attack of diseases, no matter how much tension there is in the office, don’t bring it home. Forget everything for half an hour and just do yoga. Learn how to overcome burnout syndrome from Swami Ramdev.

High blood pressure in winter

Less physical activity

Rapid weight gain

High cholesterol

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous, increasing the fear of brain hemorrhage.

The pressure in the veins increases.

Brain nerves are torn.

Bleeding begins

Brain hemorrhage occurs

Symptoms of high BP

Frequent headaches

Mental stress

Difficulty breathing

The flickering nerve


Fast heartbeat

How to avoid high blood pressure.

Maintain a healthy diet

Control your weight

Reduce the salt

Do yoga meditation

Stop drinking alcohol

BP will be controlled.

Drink more water

Reduce stress and tension

Eat on time

Do not eat junk food.

Sleep for 6-8 hours

Avoid fasting

What to eat to normalize BP?




The carrot



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What is Burnout Syndrome

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