People are loving these 5 electric cars the most, if you want to buy one too, know which one is better.

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Image: File These EV cars are the most popular.

Passenger vehicle market Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming dominant in India. People are now increasingly moving towards EV bikes and EV cars. With the launch of different models in different ranges as well as in affordable and luxury categories, people are adopting EV vehicles. Talking about the domestic EV market, Tata Motors dominates. Its Tiago, Nexon and Tigor models are being loved by people. After that, MG Motor India’s Comet and Mahindra & Mahindra’s XUV400 are being loved by people.

Also many cars in the luxury segment

The EV wave is also taking hold of the luxury car segment. Here the Mercedes EQS claims the highest driving range with 875 km. Also, Audi Q8 e-tron has a range of 600 km and BMW i7 has a range of 590 km. Sales of electric vehicles have increased this year. EV sales accounted for 0.48 percent of total passenger vehicle sales in 2021. It will increase to 1.28 percent in 2022. After that, it has increased to 2.30 percent in 2023.

These 5 electric cars are becoming the most popular.

Out of 5 electric cars that people are liking the most, 3 are from Tata Motors. One is from Mahindra and one is from MG. People are liking Tata Tiago (315 km range), Tata Nexon (465 km range) and Tata Tagore (315 km range) from Tata Motors. Among MG’s EV cars, the MG Comet is a crowd favorite with a range of 230 km. At the same time, people are also buying the Mahindra XUV400 (456 km range) in large numbers.

These EV cars were launched this year.

The range of EV cars launched this year ranges from 230 km to 631 km. Audi Q8 etron/Sports has a range of 491-600 km. BMW i7/iX1 has a range of 417 to 625 km. Citroen C3 has a range of 320 km. Hyundai Ioniq5 has a range of 631 km. Mahindra XUV400 has a range of 456 km. Mercedes EQB/EQE has a range of 388-465 km. MG Comet has a range of 230 km. While Volvo C40 has a range of 530 km.

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