The lady knocked the entire family unconscious except the father-in-law, when they woke up they were unconscious.

Both accused arrested in murder case.- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
Both accused arrested in murder case.

Bulandshahr: A woman along with her lover killed her own father-in-law in Narsina police station area of ​​the district. It is being told that the woman had an illicit relationship with another young man. The father-in-law knew about their illicit relationship. The father-in-law was becoming a barrier between the two. To get the father-in-law out of the way, the woman conspired with her lover to kill him. First they both made a plan. Then later, on some pretext, the woman took her father-in-law with her. Meanwhile, taking advantage of the opportunity, her lover ambushed her father-in-law. Both of them committed the murder together. Now the police has disclosed this blind murder case. Both the accused have also been arrested.

The murder case became a challenge for the police.

Let me tell you that the whole matter is of village Jalalpur in Narsina police station area. Here, on the morning of December 15, the body of Nathu Singh (65) was found in a pond in the village itself. Nathu Singh was attacked with knives and bricks and killed. Sayana CO Bhaskar Mishra reached the spot as soon as the body was reported. While giving information, he said that the police have registered a case against the unknown killer. After the case was registered, it was a challenge for the police to crack the blind murder case. For this, the police started scanning the CCTV cameras of the village. Meanwhile, in a CCTV footage video, Nathu Singh was seen leaving with his younger daughter-in-law on the night of December 14. After which the police detained the younger daughter-in-law of the deceased and started questioning. The woman disclosed the murder only to be severely questioned by the police. After that, the police arrested the victim’s daughter-in-law and her lover Jan Muhammad, a resident of Muzaffarnagar.

Father-in-law was obstructing illicit relations.

Sayana CO Bhaskar Mishra, after questioning the accused, said that Nathu Singh’s younger daughter-in-law had an illicit relationship with Jan Muhammad, a resident of Muzaffarnagar. Her father-in-law came to know about their illicit relationship. Father-in-law Nathu Singh was obstructing their illicit relationship. After this, Nathu Singh’s younger daughter-in-law conspired with her lover Jan Muhammad to kill her father-in-law. As part of the conspiracy, on the night of 14th December 2023, Nathu Singh’s daughter-in-law gave intoxicating tea to all the family members except Nathu Singh. Later she left the house with her father-in-law and went to the village. Meanwhile, her lover Jan Muhammad was already in hiding. Seeing the father-in-law, both of them killed Nathu Singh together. They then threw the body in the village pond and fled. The police said that the accused woman’s husband is a hawker. The police have arrested both the accused. He has been sent to jail in judicial custody.

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