The children were playing in the parked car when the fire suddenly broke out. Young brother and sister burned to death

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Young brother and sister burned to death in Patna

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Patna. Last Monday night, two small children were playing in an Alto car parked outside a house in Suhagi Rampur of Gorichak police station in Patna. After some time, suddenly the door of the car got locked and the parked car caught fire. In this incident, the two children inside the vehicle were burnt to death. As soon as the incident was reported, the family was shocked. By the time bystanders somehow broke the window of the car and got the children out, both were badly burned.

The only son of the family was a minor.

After the incident, the family members of the deceased took the dead bodies of the two children and left for Jehanabad. Sanjeev Yadav’s 4-year-old son Rajpal and Sanjeev’s brother’s 4-year-old daughter are involved in the incident. The minor deceased was the only son of Rajpal Sanjeev Yadav who died. Let me know that Sanjeev Yadav is a resident of Jahanabad, he came to live in Gorichak after building a new house five months ago. Sanjeev Gorichak deals in ballast sand at Sohagi turn.

Innocent children were playing in the car.

People said that the old Alto car is always parked outside their house. Sanjeev Yadav’s 4-year-old son and his brother’s 4-year-old daughter sat in the car while playing, after some time the car door was locked from inside. People believe that the two children were playing inside with matches etc. which led to the fire. As the fire broke out inside the car, smoke rose up, which suffocated both of them. Seeing the smoke coming from the car, people nearby ran there. Meanwhile, a fire suddenly broke out inside the car. Seeing the car on fire, fear spread among the people around.

The family did not inform the police station.

People tried to put out the fire but by then both the innocent children had burnt to death. After that, the people broke the window of the car, took out the children and rushed to the hospital. The family then took the children to Nalanda Medical College Hospital in Patna, where doctors declared the children brought dead. Gorikhak police station president Krishna Kumar said that he had not received any such information from the villagers. The relatives took the dead bodies of the children and left for Jehanabad for the last rites without informing the police station.

(Reporting by Butto Kumar)

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