CM Eknath Shinde’s big announcement, Maratha community will get reservation, special meeting will be called

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Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde

Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde, while debating the issue of Maratha reservation in the Legislative Assembly, has replied that the Maratha community will be given legal reservation and no one else’s reservation will be affected. Chief Minister Shinde appealed to the protestors protesting for reservation to keep faith in their government. Along with this, CM Shinde has also disclosed many other important information.

A special meeting will be called this month.

Responding to the debate on the Maratha reservation issue in the Assembly, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that the report of the State Backward Classes Commission would be received by the government in the coming month. Thereafter, a special session of the assembly will be called in the month of February and legal reservation will be given to the Maratha community. He assured that no one else’s reservation will be affected due to this. The Chief Minister also said that the state government has asked the Backward Classes Commission to prepare new empirical data and provided them with adequate manpower, offices and funds of Rs 360 crore.

A curative petition was filed in the Supreme Court

Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde said the state has filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court on Maratha reservation. If the request is granted an open hearing, the government will submit more information to the court. Eknath Shinde alleged that the previous Mahavkas Aghadi government did not take Maratha reservation petitions and court proceedings seriously. He said that if complete information and details were placed before the court at that time, the result would have been different.

The opposition walked out.

Angry with the Chief Minister’s response to the Maratha reservation issue, the opposition parties walked out of the House. Opposition parties said that the government is completely indifferent on the issue. He said that the government is just trying to kill time. The government has not clarified how it will eventually provide reservation to the Marathas as well as other communities.

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