Year 2023: Indians searched these topics massively on Google this year, see full list

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From sports to technology, many topics were the most searched on Google this year.

Top Trending Searches in India 2023: There are only a few days left for the year 2023 to end. At the moment there is a lot of talk about the end of the year. People are very excited to know what are the most searched topics of the year, which videos are watched, which apps are used, most expensive product of the year, trending topics of the year. etc. Google recently released a list of AirEnder’s most searched topics on Google in 2023.

The year 2023 was very special in many ways. Many major changes took place in fields ranging from technology to politics. Be it the successful landing of Chandrayaan 3 or holding a big event like G20. All these things attracted the attention of people all over the world. Indian users also searched extensively for the Cricket World Cup on Google.

We inform you that Google has released a total of 12 lists of top trending searches in India in 2023. This list contains information about news event top searches, how to, what is, near me, sport events etc. Let us give you information about the top 5 searches of each section.

Top 5 News Event Searches in 2023

  1. 1 Chandrayaan 3
  2. 2 Karnataka Election Results
  3. 3 Israel News
  4. 4 Satish Kaushik
  5. 5 Budget 2023

Top 5 Searches of What’s in 2023

  1. 1 What is the G20?
  2. 2 What is UCC?
  3. 3 What is Chat GPT?
  4. 4 What is Hamas?
  5. 5 What is September 28, 2023?

Top 5 How To Searches in 2023

  1. 1 How to Prevent Sun Damage to Skin and Hair with Home Remedies
  2. 2 How to reach your first 5K followers on YouTube
  3. 3 How to do well in Kabaddi
  4. 4 How to improve car mileage
  5. 5 How to Become a Chess Grandmaster

Top 5 Sports Searches in India in 2023

  1. 1 Indian Premier League
  2. 2 Cricket World Cup
  3. 3 Asia Cup
  4. 4 Women’s Premier League
  5. 5 Asian Games

Top 5 searches near me in 2023

  1. 1 Coding Classes Near Me
  2. 2 Earthquakes near me
  3. 3 Zudio near me
  4. 4 Onam Sidhya near me
  5. 5 Jailer movies near me

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