After onion, now garlic is making us cry due to inflation in winter, prices are on fire, prices have reached this limit.

Increase in garlic price: After onion in the winter season, now the prices of garlic are on fire. In the last few weeks, the price of garlic in the retail market in the country has increased by Rs 300 to Rs 400 per kg. Due to which people’s household budget has deteriorated. Along with this, its price in the wholesale market has gone up to Rs 150 to Rs 250 per kg (price of garlic increased).

Why are garlic prices rising?

Rising prices of pulses, rice and onions have already ruined household budgets. In recent times, the price of onion has come down, but now the price of garlic is increasing, which is affecting the household budget of common people. According to media reports, there are two reasons behind the increase in garlic prices. Firstly, due to bad weather this time, the garlic crop has suffered a lot. Its production has been badly affected.

Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are among the major garlic producing states. Unseasonal rain has badly affected the garlic crop here. Along with this, the delay in harvesting of Kharif crop has also adversely affected the supply chain. This effect is visible on the price of garlic.

How long will garlic prices continue to rise?

According to a Hindustan Times report, traders believe that the price of garlic in the retail market may remain between Rs 250 and Rs 350 per kg by the end of January. In such a situation, the common people are not going to get relief from the rising prices of garlic. Along with this, experts believe that some reduction in prices can be seen after January. But it may take till March for garlic prices to return to normal.

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Garlic price hike

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