‘Control your tongue’, Finance Minister Sita Raman said on a statement by Adhyayandhi Stalin.

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

New Delhi: War of words is common in politics. Leaders are often quick to attack their opponents. Many times they make statements that they might later regret. Many times they also have to ask for forgiveness. This war of words becomes more interesting when the other person also gets into the same mood. Something similar happened during the press conference on Friday.

‘Uday Nidhi should control her tongue’

Actually, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was at a press conference. Here he was questioned about the statement of Tamil Nadu government minister Adhyayandhi Stalin. To this he replied that Adhyayandhi should control his tongue. Before speaking, one should think about what and for whom they are speaking. They are in politics and it is their responsibility to speak thoughtfully.

What did Adhyayandhi Stalin say?

Let us tell you that earlier this month, Adhyayanidhi had said about the Centre’s alleged non-funding of Tamil Nadu, “We are not asking for anyone’s father’s money, we are only asking for the people of Tamil Nadu. asking for taxes paid by. A part.” On this, the Union Finance Minister said that he was asking about his father’s money. Is he enjoying politics with his father’s money?

‘We must respect each other’

Nirmala Seetha Raman said that I can also ask like this but it would be completely wrong to do so. He is elected by the people, he is a minister in the government. It is not right to say anything about one’s father and mother in politics. We should respect each other. Advising Udayandhi, Seetha Raman said that he is still young and if he wants to advance in politics, he should control his tongue and think about what he is saying.

900 crore has been given to the state.

Along with this, Nirmala Sitharaman said that Rs 900 crore has been given to the state during rains and floods. If necessary, this amount can be increased further. But I would like to say that it is not my money or his father’s money. It is the people’s money and is being spent for the people.

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