When will Bageshwar baba get married, who will like the girl? Told himself during the story

Bageshwar Baba - India TV Hindi.

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Bageshwar Baba

Bhopal: Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri of Bageshwar Dham is often in the news. This time they are in the news for their marriage. In fact, while narrating the story on Saturday, some reporters asked him questions about his marriage. In response, he said that now we will get married soon. Soon my head will be adorned.

‘I have asked my mother to find my daughter-in-law.’

With that he said that I have asked my mother to look for my daughter-in-law. If she likes her daughter-in-law, we will get married as soon as the parents give permission. He said that now I am tired of listening to them. Now I myself have started telling my mother to find a daughter-in-law. Bageshwar Baba said that some letters have come. It has written a threat that if you do not come with the procession, we will commit suicide. Now such loving letters are coming, what should I do?

‘Don’t commit suicide at all’

Dhirendra Shastri said that after these letters I have released a video. In this video, I have said that suicide should not be done at all. As soon as I get permission from my guru and parents I will get married. Soon to be adorned on my head.

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