‘Will talk with an open mind and a closed mouth’, what Jairam Ramesh said on the issue of seat sharing

India Alliance Seat Sharing Formula Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said this.  India TV Hindi.

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Jay Ram Ramesh’s statement on the seat sharing issue

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the round of meetings between the opposition alliance parties has begun. The discussion regarding the distribution of seats has also intensified. It was reported that the seat sharing formula could not be decided in the previous meeting of the Indian alliance as well. However, it was revealed in this meeting that the complete work on the seat sharing formula will be completed by the first week of January. Now senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has given a statement on this matter. Jairam Ramesh said in his statement that seat sharing will be discussed. Whatever has to be done, we will do and different states have different conditions. Keeping them in mind, seat sharing is being discussed.

What did Jairam Ramesh say on seat sharing?

Jairam Ramesh said in his statement that we will proceed with the debate on seat sharing with an open mind and a closed mouth. Notably, the five-member national unity committee of the Congress will hold talks with the state units of the party after the rally in Nagpur on December 28. The party has called the state units to Delhi to discuss what strategy to adopt for the alliance from December 29. Explain that after the fourth meeting of the Indian Alliance, the Congress Party formed a five-member National Alliance Committee to discuss seat-sharing with the parties in the Indian Alliance.

Is Nitish Kumar angry?

According to the information, this committee has decided to hold discussions with senior Congress leaders of various states regarding seat sharing. After discussions with Congress leaders, the committee will hold a meeting with allies in the first week of January after which it will be decided which party will contest on how many seats. However, if some media reports are to be believed, things are not going well in the Indian alliance. Akhilesh Yadav is already angry with the Indian alliance leaders and now it is being said that Nitish Kumar too is not too happy with the alliance.

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