India will become the world’s largest economic superpower, with GDP exceeding that of China and the US after 2080.

India is an economic superpower: By the end of this century, India will become the world’s largest economic superpower. India’s GDP will be 90% more than China’s GDP and 30% more than America’s GDP. These things have been said by the Center for Economics and Business Research in its latest World Economic League Table report.

According to this report by Business Standard, the Center for Economics and Business Research said that India will continue to grow at an average rate of 6.5 percent from 2024 to 2028, after which India will become the third largest economy in the world by 2032. It will be a large economy, surpassing Japan and Germany. According to CEBR, due to its demographic projections and projections, after 2080, India will overtake China and the US to become the world’s largest economic superpower.

According to CEBR, India’s large and young population, rapidly growing middle class, dynamic entrepreneurship and increasing global economic integration will play a key role in accelerating economic growth. The study states that India has to find solutions to challenges related to poverty reduction, inequality, human capital, infrastructure development as well as environment.

Earlier in July 2023, global investment bank Goldman Sachs said that India could become the world’s second largest economy by 2075. The report says that the Indian economy will take a big leap and leave the economies of Japan and Germany far behind. But India will overtake the US economy to become the second largest economy after China.

Goldman Sachs has said in its report that by 2075, China will become the world’s largest economy with $57 trillion, while India will be second with $52.5 trillion. The US economy will be the third largest with a volume of $51.5 trillion.

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