The plane, detained in France for four days on suspicion of human trafficking, reached Mumbai.

The plane, which was detained in France for four days on suspicion of human trafficking, arrived in Mumbai on Tuesday morning with 276 passengers on board. An officer reported this. Most of the Indian citizens were on board this plane. The Airbus A340 aircraft arrived in Mumbai shortly after 4 am, the official said. The plane took off from Vitri Airport at around 2.30 pm local time. He said that when the plane landed in Mumbai, there were 15 crew members on board. Immigration officials questioned some of the 276 passengers who arrived in Mumbai. No passengers were detained and all 276 people were allowed to leave the airport by 11:30 am, he said.

Media personnel waiting outside the Mumbai airport repeatedly tried to talk to the passengers, but none of them spoke about the events of the past four days or their journey. A few hours after the plane landed, most of the passengers coming out of the airport were seen avoiding the media. Questions about reports of some passengers being questioned by airport officials went unanswered. According to the French authorities, there were 276 passengers on the Mumbai-bound flight and 25 people, including two minors, have applied for political asylum in France and are currently in France. Two other passengers were brought before a judge and given supporting witness status, a French news channel reported.

A local French official has said that when the plane landed at Vitry airport, there were 303 Indian nationals on board, including 11 minors. The official said that the passengers on board the grounded aircraft were provided with temporary beds, toilet and shower facilities and food and hot drinks were provided at the Witri airport premises. A flight from Dubai to Nicaragua, operated by Romanian company Legend Airlines, was technically grounded at Vitri Airport on Thursday after French police intervened.

French authorities launched a judicial investigation into the circumstances and purpose of the trip and a unit specializing in organized crime investigations suspected of human trafficking. Nicaragua has become a popular destination for asylum seekers in the United States. According to data provided by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), 96,917 Indians attempted to enter the US illegally in fiscal year 2023, a 51.61 percent increase over the previous year.

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