Esha and Timmy’s love story started at the gym, which led to a divorce after 14 years of marriage

Esha Kopekar Tammy Narang Love Story: Bollywood actress Esha Kopekar is in the headlines these days due to her personal life, if reports are to be believed, Esha has separated from husband Tommy Narang after 14 years of marriage. If reports are to be believed, Isha lives with her daughter at her parents’ house. According to reports, the couple has parted ways due to compatibility issues. Fans are shocked to hear the news of Isha and Tommy’s separation. The love story of Esha and Tommy is such that everyone is shocked to hear the news of their separation. Let us tell you about their love story.

Isha and Tommy first met at the gym and Tommy fell in love with Isha at first sight. In the very first meeting, the two had exchanged numbers and started talking on the phone, though the two had not met each other much.

Went on first date with 20 girls.
Esha and Tommy became good friends while talking on the phone. On the first date, Isha felt that Timmy was not coming so she invited her girl gang there. After which Tammy called Esha and Esha took 20 friends with her on the first date.

First meeting with friends
Esha had told in an interview that when Timmy’s call did not come, I made a plan with my friends. Later, when I went on a date with my friends, Timmy mingled with my friends.

After dating each other for a few years, Esha and Tommy got married in 2009. After marriage, Esha kept herself away from films but now she is back in the industry.

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