76 terrorists including 55 foreign terrorists killed in Jammu and Kashmir in 2023: DGP

In Jammu and Kashmir this year, 76 terrorists including 55 foreign terrorists were killed, 291 accomplices of terrorists were arrested and cases were registered against 201 members associated with terrorists under the Public Safety Act. Director General of Police RR Swain gave this information on Saturday. Swain said that now only 31 home-grown terrorists remain in the Union Territory, the lowest number ever, while the number of indigenous people turning to terrorism has come down by 80 per cent this year. He said that we killed 76 terrorists including 55 foreign terrorists in 48 counter-terrorism operations.

The streak of killing more and more foreign terrorists started in 2022 and continued this year as well. This shows that our real fight is against the infiltrators. He asserted that the anti-terrorist operation will continue vigorously next year as well. He said that 31 local terrorists have been identified who are active and this number is the lowest so far. The officer said that four local terrorists are active in Kishtwar of Jammu region and 27 are active in the Valley. He said that this year the number of those who took the path of terrorism has decreased by 80%. A year-on-year comparison shows that 130 locals took the path of terrorism in 2022, compared to just 22 this year so far.

We will try to completely stop those who take the path of terrorism, which is very important to end the cycle of violence. “When people take the path of terrorism, actions are taken and people die, and that continues,” Swain said. I see the reduction in the number of people joining terrorism saving 113 people from being killed this year. He said that compared to 31 people killed by terrorists last year, this year the number is 14. While terrorism-related incidents decreased from 125 in 2022 to 46 in 2023, representing a 63 percent reduction.

The officer said that last year 14 officers were martyred while this year four police officers including a Deputy Superintendent of Police and an Inspector were martyred. A reduction of 71 percent was recorded in such cases. The police chief said that 89 terrorist modules were busted and hideouts of 18 terrorists were detected in Jammu and Kashmir. He said 99 properties worth more than Rs 170 crore, including buildings, lands, gardens and commercial establishments, were attached and transactions in 68 bank accounts were frozen. He said that more than eight thousand fake social media accounts propagating separatism and terrorism were identified and action was taken against them.

Acknowledging the presence of foreign terrorists in the forests of Rajouri Poonch region of Jammu and Kashmir, Swain said that the security agencies are determined to eliminate terrorism from south of Pir Panjal region. He said that the terrorists are working secretly inside the forests with the support of some local people whose number is very limited. Rajouri and Poonch districts of Jammu region witnessed an increase in terrorist activities this year. 19 army personnel were martyred and 7 civilians were killed in the terrorist incidents in these districts. At least 25 terrorists were also killed in the encounter with the security forces. Most of these terrorists were killed along the Line of Control (LoC).

The security forces foiled several infiltration attempts and killed these terrorists. The police chief told reporters in Jammu that the security situation in Rajouri-Poonch area is a bit critical but we cannot discuss our strategy publicly. However, the public has a right to know that most of the foreign terrorists out there are carrying out acts of terrorism with the support of a select few from our own region, no doubt.

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