At the airport, the man took Rajma chawl with a cold drink, Bill blew his mind.

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Apart from being a source of entertainment, social media platforms are also an important means of connecting with people. You must have seen many posts on social media platforms through which people keep informing others that they have been victimized. Sharing a similar post, a person told how he was overcharged for a simple meal at the airport. The guy told the whole thing on X (earlier on Twitter).

The post went viral

Dr. Sanjay Arora has shared a post on microblogging platform X, formerly known as Twitter, from his account @chiefsanjay. He wrote in the post, ‘I have never understood why we are being turned away at airports. I got their simple dish rajma rice with coke for Rs 500. Isn’t this robbery in broad daylight? Just because someone is traveling by air doesn’t mean they can be robbed. Let us tell you that this is not the first case that has surprised people. A few days ago, a video of Mumbai airport went viral on social media. In this viral video, a person said that for just one dosa, you have to pay Rs 600 at the airport.

Check out the viral post here

What did people say?

As of writing this post, more than 280,000 people have seen this post. After seeing the post, a user wrote – Last week I had to pay Rs 300 for a cup of tea at Kolkata airport. Another user wrote – It is true that at Bhubaneswar airport I paid Rs 180 for a cup of tea and Rs 100 for a samosa.

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