Gold and Silver Price Today: Gold prices increased, silver luster also increased, know now how expensive it has become to make jewelry.

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Gold Silver Price on January 2, 2024: The second business day of the year sees an increase in gold and silver prices. Domestic gold futures prices (Gold Rate Today) also witnessed a rise in business. On Tuesday morning, gold for delivery on February 5, 2024 was seen trading at Rs 63,440 per 10 grams, up 0.19 per cent or Rs 120 on the MCX exchange. Globally, gold spot and futures prices were also trading higher. The year 2024 bodes well for gold and silver. Expectations of interest rate cuts by the Fed and volatility in the stock market could lead to significant increases in the prices of these metals.

Silver also rose.

Along with gold, domestic silver futures also saw an increase (silver price today). On Tuesday morning, silver for delivery on March 5, 2024 was seen trading at Rs 74,629 per kg, up by 0.32 per cent or Rs 239 on the MCX exchange.

Globally, the price of gold has increased.

On the global market, Tuesday saw trading with both gold spot and futures prices rising. On Comex, gold futures were seen trading at $2078.80 an ounce, up $7 by 0.34%. Meanwhile, the global spot gold price was seen trading at $2,069.93 an ounce, up 0.34 percent or $6.95.

An increase in the world price of silver

Along with gold, global prices of silver also saw an increase on Tuesday morning. Global silver futures were up 0.39 percent or $0.09 to trade at $24.18 an ounce on Tuesday. Along with this, the global spot price of silver was seen trading at $23.94 per ounce with an increase of 0.60 percent or $0.14.

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