Rama’s city to be decorated with flowers from Bhopal, orders to plant flowers on Ayodhya, Rampath and Dharmapath

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Bhopal: When Ram Lalla’s life is sanctified in Ayodhya on January 22, Ram devotees from all over the world will arrive in Ayodhya and pass through the Rampath-Dharampath to have darshan of Ram Lalla and be greeted with flowers on the divider in Bhopal. will be done middle of the road In fact, a nursery owner in Bhopal has been given the responsibility to keep Ayodhya’s Rampath and Dharmapath green by planting flowers. Bhopal’s Nisarag Nursery has received an order of 50,000 plants from Ayodhya, of which around 35,000 are bougainvillea plants, while 15,000 have received orders for other types of plants.

According to Ramkumar Rathore of the nursery, 35,000 bougainvillea plants of 5 different colors have so far been sent to Ayodhya, where elder brother Ram Prakash Rathore is overseeing the planting of them on Rampath and Dharmapath. According to Ramkumar Rathore, the bougainvillea plant has been chosen because it does not require much water and the plant can withstand extreme heat. The warmer it is, the more this plant thrives, so it has been selected. According to Ramkumar Rathore, Ayodhya was contacted after seeing his nursery website and a team of about 4-5 people stayed in Bhopal for 4 days to visit his nursery and after visiting Ayodhya open tenders were opened.

About half a dozen major firms of the country participated in the tender bid, but the responsibility went to Bhopal’s Nisarag Nursery. According to Rathore, his brother continues to take up horticulture contracts in major institutions, including Bhopal’s Judicial Law Academy, Bhopal Memorial Hospital, Bina Refinery, ISRO and the Eicher plant. They also take charge of flower maintenance but after planting flowers in the city of Shri Rama, they are not taking a single rupee as maintenance money as they consider this work as service to Lord Rama.

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