Highest pollution in Delhi-NCR during Nov-Dec 2023 in last 6 years

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Pollution of Delhi

New Delhi: During the months of November and December, the country’s capital Delhi and the surrounding NCR region are notorious for pollution. Now a report has come out in this regard, which states that the situation during November to December 2023 has been the worst in the last 6 years. According to a study, Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) witnessed ‘very poor’ or worse air quality and the longest duration of ‘smog episode’ in November and December 2023 in the last six years.

We tell you that a smog episode is when the air quality is in the ‘severe’ category continuously for at least three or more days. The Center for Science and Environment (CSE), an independent think tank that analyzed the Delhi-NCR pollution data, said there has been a gradual long-term improvement in annual PM2.5 levels since 2015-17. Stopped in 2023. This was despite a cleaner than normal summer and monsoon season and a significant reduction in plume smoke in northern states, according to the analysis.

Its annual PM2.5 levels were decreasing from 2015-17.

The CSE said that despite a reduction in paratha burning, more rainfall in November and milder winter conditions, Delhi’s pollution factors this year should have improved over the year. Instead, meteorological conditions, particularly low wind speeds, worsened the pollution conditions. Delhi saw a steady decline in annual PM 2.5 levels from 2015-17. However, this downward trend stopped in 2023.

The weather is clearing in summer.

Delhi’s PM 2.5 annual average for the year 2023 (as of December 29) was 100.9 micrograms per cubic meter, two percent higher than 2022. According to the data, the average annual particulate matter (PM) concentration was 115.8 micrograms per cubic meter in 2018, 109.2 in 2019, 95.1 in 2020, 106.2 in 2021, 98.6 in 2022 and 2.5 in 2023. The analysis revealed that while summers are becoming cleaner, winters are becoming more polluted. In 2023, the summer months (March to June) were significantly less polluted (14-36 percent) than in 2022, the CSE said.

Highest pollution in November and December

In contrast, the winter months of January, November, and December in 2023 were significantly more polluted (12–34 percent) than the same months in 2022. “Delhi has seen ‘smog episodes’ twice, usually in November and December,” the CSE said. In the year 2023, till December 24, there were three episodes, and on December 30, Delhi had its third consecutive one. Day Air Quality Observed ‘Severe’ Delhi witnessed ‘severe’ air quality for the third consecutive day, leading to ‘smog’.This is the fourth such incident in the city.

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