How much is the punishment in the ‘hit and run’ case in which country? The change in the Indian law caused an uproar?

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Where is the punishment in hit and run case?

The beginning of the new year Along with this, there was a traffic jam in the country. Truck, dumper and bus drivers hit the streets against the central government’s new hit-and-run law. This new law was strongly opposed in different parts of the country. In fact, recently the central government has made changes in several laws of the country, due to which the Indian Judicial Code will now be applicable across the country instead of the Indian Penal Code. It has changed the provisions of punishment and penalty in many cases including hit and run cases. The Indian Judicial Code has strict provisions for ‘hit and run’ cases, with a 10-year jail term and a fine of Rs 7 lakh.

Earlier in India under the Indian Penal Code there was a provision of punishment of up to two years in hit-and-run cases. Most of the vehicle accidents in India are due to road accidents and negligence. Most of the people here die in such accidents. The recent new law has made very strict law in hit and run case. In such a case, let’s know in which country in the ‘hit and run’ case? What kind of punishment?


In India’s neighboring country Bangladesh, according to the Vehicle Act 1927, after an accident, the driver of the vehicle will go with his vehicle until the police arrive there and initiate action. In Bangladesh, if a person is seriously injured or dies in a hit-and-run or any type of vehicle-related accident, it is considered a crime, punishable by death. After a serious car accident, the driver is immediately arrested and does not even get bail.


In China, another neighboring country of India, the driver’s license of the offender is revoked in case of a major accident in hit and run. It can also be banned for life. Article 133 of the Criminal Code, which came into force here in 1997, provides that in a hit-and-run case, if grievous bodily harm or death occurs, imprisonment for 3 to 7 years may be imposed.

United Kingdom

In the event of a road accident in the UK, a driver must give their full name and address to the police. In such cases, the maximum penalty is 6 months imprisonment and a fine of 5000 pounds. It can also be banned from driving.

Where is the punishment in hit and run case?

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Where is the punishment in hit and run case?

United States

Penalties for hit and run in the United States vary from state to state. It is considered a third-degree felony there. The punishment can be from 1 to 5 years or more. A fine has to be paid along with it. Leaving someone at the scene of a crime without reporting it is a traffic violation in New York. If an animal is injured, the fine is quite high.


In Australia, a driver involved in an accident must stop at the scene of the accident and report it to the police immediately. Australia has a special commission for traffic offenses which assigns a fix point to the driver after each such road accident according to its nature. Under this, the driver can be fined and his license suspended or revoked.


In Canada, hit and run is considered a crime under the Criminal Code. This can result in imprisonment for up to 5 years. If the accident results in bodily harm or death, the maximum penalty is imprisonment for up to 10 years or life imprisonment. Car insurance is mandatory in Canada.

South Korea

Hit and run is considered a serious crime in South Korea. If someone dies in such an accident and the driver flees, the punishment can be a minimum of five years in prison or a maximum of life imprisonment. Along with this, there is a fine ranging from 5 million to 30 million rupees. If the driver flees but the victim survives, he can be jailed for up to three years. Another section provides for life imprisonment or death penalty.

Where is the punishment in hit and run case?

Image source: INDIATV

Where is the punishment in hit and run case?

Hong Kong

A driver has to stop immediately after an accident in Hong Kong. He is expected to report to the police immediately. He faces a fine of up to 10,000 Hong Kong dollars and 12 months in prison. If there is a delay in this work, the accident should be reported to the police station. Failure to do so may result in imprisonment up to three years with fine. In such accidents, if a bystander does not help in an emergency, he can be jailed for one year or fined.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, drivers involved in an accident must stop. The law there says that the driver must make sure that no one is injured. If a driver flees the scene of an accident, they can face up to 3 months in jail or a $4,500 fine. His driving license may be suspended for at least 6 months. If someone dies in a road accident, the penalty is five years in prison or a NZ$20,000 fine. In addition, the driving license is canceled for one year.

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