‘Dragon’ becomes PM Modi’s fan, Chinese media sings PM Modi’s praises

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China’s state media has heaped praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

New Delhi: China, which usually makes statements against India, has acknowledged India’s power for the first time in recent years. Praising PM Modi, China’s official media Global Times has written that India is a confident country which is developing rapidly under the leadership of its Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Zhang Jiadong, director of Fudan University’s Center for South Asian Studies, wrote in the Global Times that India is making rapid progress in terms of economic and social development as well as diplomacy. He further wrote that India has achieved great results in economic development and social governance.

Kudos to PM Modi

Global Times wrote, ‘With rapid economic and social development, India is now more strategically confident. India has now become more active in creating and developing narratives. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took office, he has advocated a multilateral strategy to promote India’s relations with the US, Japan, Russia and other countries and regional organizations. India’s strategic thinking regarding foreign policy has changed and it is now moving towards a more powerful strategy. Due to the Russo-Ukraine war, India distanced itself from the West and became attached to developing countries.

‘India has moved from dream to reality’

Jiadong further wrote in his article, ‘I visited India twice recently. During this time I realized that India’s domestic and foreign situation has changed a lot. India has achieved good results in economic development and social governance. India’s power strategy has moved from dream to reality. Its economy has boomed. Meanwhile, New Delhi has also made strides in urban governance. The smog is still heavy here, but the smell that was felt when disembarking earlier has disappeared. This shows that the environment of New Delhi has also improved.

China, China News, China Latest, China PM Modi, Narendra Modi

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India-China relations have been on the decline for the past few years.

‘India now wants to be a world leader’

Jiadong has written, ‘In the political and cultural arenas, India has advanced by emphasizing its democratic consensus with the West. India now wants to be a world leader politically and culturally. India now sees its cultural tradition not only as a symbol to further its interests and attract foreign tourists, but also as a great power. India has always considered itself a world power.

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