Microsoft is going to do something, your computer keyboard will change for the first time in 30 years.

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Microsoft is ready to replace your computer’s keyboard.

Microsoft Copilot AI keyMicrosoft is going to change your computer keyboard for the first time in 30 years. This major change will be visible in the PC keyboard of millions of users using Windows PC. A dedicated button for Copilot AI will be provided in the PC’s keyboard. Microsoft recently launched this artificial intelligence tool. This pilot key will be installed in future Windows 11 PCs.

Windows 11 will be integrated into the PC.

Microsoft is adding an artificial intelligence feature to its Windows operating system through Copilot. The keyboard will include a dedicated co-pilot button that has been in use for the past three decades. Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Yusuf Mehdi announced the Microsoft Copilot Key through his blog post. This key will be integrated into the keyboard of Windows 11 PG.

Big change in 30 years

Microsoft is going to provide its Windows PC users with a more personalized and intelligent computing experience through artificial intelligence. In his blog, the chief executive said that the Windows operating system will be integrated with silicon, hardware and artificial intelligence. The addition of the Co-Pilot key to Windows PCs is one of the biggest keyboard changes of the past three decades. Yusuf mentioned in his blog that 2024 is going to be an important year for AI PC. Microsoft has tried to provide users with a better search experience through Bing and Copilot.

Microsoft Pilot

Let us tell you that Microsoft launched the Copilot AI feature last year in collaboration with Snow. Suno is an AI music creation platform, which allows AI-composed songs to be produced in Co-Pilot. This innovative change in Windows PC will provide a new experience to the users. Not only this, users can create personalized songs using the Microsoft Edge browser on their PC and customize them to their liking.

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