This shop is not on the ground but hanging on the mountain, people risk their lives to get the goods.

Hanging shop on the mountain.- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
Shop hanging on the mountain.

When man overcomes nature and does something that is hard to believe, these things become eternal. Till today we saw shops on the ground, even in hilly places the shops are built on the ground despite being on the mountains, but today we are going to show you a shop that is hanging in the middle of the mountains. After seeing this shop you will find it hard to believe that a shop can be opened here. Let us tell you how it happened.

This shop is located here.

It is actually a snack shop located on a mountain in Xinyuzhai National Geological Park in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, China. This store is suspended in the middle of the mountain and is made of wood. Perched at a height of 393 feet, this shop is designed for the climbers to get some food and drinks en route while trekking. Since this shop is on a mountain, it is not like the prices of the goods available here will touch the sky. The price of a bottle of water here is also 2 yuan i.e. 23 rupees. The store offers potato chips as well as drinks and snacks.

Xinyuzhai National Geological Park is a famous tourist destination in China. Photos of the shop were shared on microblogging site X by a user named ‘Science Girl’. As of writing, the post has received 1.2 million views and 8,718 likes.

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