The price of this bag blew people’s sleep, they said that in this amount they would get everything including a car and a bungalow.

Precious bag.  India TV Hindi.

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Expensive bag.

Girls and women love to have bags or shoes from international premium brands. How expensive is the most expensive handbag you’ve ever seen? 30-40 thousand at most. Gucci, Prada, Coach or Louis Vuitton bags are so expensive. But you will be shocked if you know the price of these most expensive bags. Recently Hermes Klimorphose company has launched its many product collection. Out of which a handbag from this company is getting a lot of headlines on social media. A video of this handbag is also going viral showing a small glowing bag.

Oh God! Such an expensive bag

Actually this small bag is in news not because of its beauty but because of its price. You can never guess in your life how much this garden will cost. So let us tell you the price of this handbag. The price of this bag is 14 crore 71 lakh 88 thousand 495 rupees. This bag is decorated with white gold and diamonds all around.

Hearing the price, people said – it’s a waste of money.

Hearing the price of this bag, people are commenting on social media. One user wrote that for this amount I can buy 3 Mercedes AMG GT Black Series. Another wrote that with this much money I can buy myself a house and a car. Many people said that buying this bag is a waste of money. The video was shared on Instagram by the account @Prestige Palace. As of this writing, the video has been viewed by over 2.6 million people and has been liked by over 1 million people.

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